Wenger’s pragmatism or the passion from the stands: my story @Arsenal Monopoly

This is the story about why we should all follow Wenger’s pragmatism…

It has been a good day. How about you people? Good? That’s awesome. Bad day? Shit happens all the time.

Anyway, let me give you a story how football teaches business and life.

When browsing charity shops, I came across Arsenal Monopoly Game (2002 by @Hasbro).
£3 – that’s what I call a bargain. I am not an Arsenal fan, but I could not resist the temptation of taking the game home.
To my surprise, I found the game in almost immaculate condition. Neatly packed inside. What have I found in the box? A book of rules, Arsenal money, a board, 8 awesome football tokens, houses and hotels – I mean terraces and stadiums.

The players are the assets and are themed according to colours from brown (cheap to buy) to navy blue (the most expensive to buy, they generate the highest ROI – ‘return of investment’).

Arsenal TWO greatest assets: Mr Arsenal and Mr Wenger.

We (I, my spouse + our offspring) gave the game a go and found it not only playable, but also educational. I was to answer the abundance of questions e.g. if Tony Adams was a good defender, and if Henry was better than Messi. So if Arsenal is not your cup of tea, or you have no interest in Arsenal history, I do not think you will find it emotional and playable.

Good try Arsene!

There was a moment, I was literally forced to used YouTube to show the goals coming from ‘The flying Dutchman’. I also used it to illustrate Patrick Veira’s leadership (his rant with United skipper – Roy Keane) and defending skills (tackles)

To our surprise, it was enormous fun to discover ‘Chance Cards’ predicted the unknown future for Arsenal. They saw:
– Giroud to sign for Arsenal
– Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey’s health problems.
– the lavish amount of money being paid to the players. Wow!

They predicted Giroud to sign for ‘The Gunners’
Predictions for Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey?
Those bonuses are a bit outdated.
Every little helps.

My passion for the stands and the soul of the true supporter overtook the analytical business skills I am obtaining at #openuniversity. Instead of buying best assets, I simply followed my heart.

Follow your heart they said.

I even had my say in the board.

I am always deperate to get into the board.

I was as cocky as Zlatan in his ‘made up’ book. That is me:


And then was the moment I started making mistakes. Here is the list:


Firstly, I went after low cost assets. I bought cheap brown players (including David Seaman – still remember the taste of my tears after 1995 Cup Winners Cup Final final) hoping to create the stands and stadiums. I believed my cheap assets would produce high influx of money. I was as wrong as Arsene Wenger saying ‘This is our Season’. I was just being ‘naive’. My poor judgement was based on pure maths. ‘Luck assessment’ known in the game as ‘Chance Cards’ did not matter to me? Let me quote Peppa Pig here ‘Silly daddy’.

Not following Arsenal financial guideline, was the other mistake I made that day. Arsenal are notorious for not spending ANY TIME and ANY transfer window, so I went the other way round. Within minutes, I discovered cash resources are even more important than the
already purchased assets. I suffered from financial drought and I started to hope to cross the ‘Start’ to collect my benefits…I mean financial injection. Being financially tight did not make my life easy. I missed great assets and let my opponent buy them for petty money. My tactics was as good as Lucas Podolski’s performance for The Gunners. It academic terms, I do not think my #openuniversity tutor (BYFL100) would be very happy with my ‘applied knowledge’.

It took me a few turns to discover that following your heart and buying the LOVE of the stands must be based on solid financial ground. I was no longer able to compete financially with other players who suddenly became those ‘money driven type tycoons’. They wanted Arsenal their way, not mine. They wanted money and power, I wanted passion.

My future at Arsenal was rather sad and gloomy. To express my unhappiness, I cursed (in my head) – and it rhymed with ‘clocking-bell’. Literally, karma came back to me the same turn. My ‘Chance card’ welcomed me with:

I meant ‘clocking bell’, honestly!

The situation got ‘from bad to worse’. Being almost bankrupt, I struggled financially. I put reversed mortgages on my assets but was not able to compete with those ‘blood and money sucking people’ known as my family. It took me a few more ill-fated turns to find myself in a place of isolation. Yes. You got it right.


I was declared bankrupt and struggled to pay my debts back. I was to rot in prison for long years. They were years full of humiliation for me as a fan. Every year, Arsenal finished 4th in Premier League. Champions League was no good either. Arsenal finally wins the Champions League stage group to discover they would play Bayern next round. WTF? Did they draw a bad ‘Chance Card’ which stated ‘You have been paired to play the German Monster a.k.a Bayern Munich’ or what?

I spent my last days in prison. Before my financial death, I decided to #MakeArsenalGreatAgain and boosted Mr Wenger’s transfer options.

This money will keep Sanchez and Ozil at the club.

The end.

If you enjoyed my creative writing, please like and share.

Thank you and have a good day.

And remember. There is nothing wrong with being a supporter. #footballisculture

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