Italia’90 Group B

Finally. Just got feedback on my last Tutor Module Assignment (TMA) at #OpenUniversity. Grade:73%. Not bad for a person who came into a English Speaking Community only in 2012. Will try better next time. That is my legacy.

Still one final assignment ahead. But before it happens let me come back to my beloved #retrofootball. Today the heros of #Italia90 group B.


What team they had! Maradona, even though not the same player than in #Mexico86, still had the moves. Claudio Caniggia with incredible pace decelarated by his kind of girly hairdo (OK, today my reflection is still the same), Pumpido and Goicoechea (GK) between the posts, Sensini and Burruchaga (love the sound of his surname). And the great stripy kits by #Adidas.

Argenitna Italia90.1

#Maradona #Argentina #Claudio #Caniggia #goalie #goalkeeper #Pupmido #Goicoechea #Sensini #Burruchaga #WorldCup #WC90  #Italy90 #1990 #Italy #vintagefootball #vintage #footballispassion #retro #nostalgia #oldschool


Unknown team to me at that time (I was 10). Learnt their value just after the opening ceremony. Remembered one name: Roger #Milla and his samba corner flag celebration. The total definition of the word: “underdogs”. Maybe a bit too vicious.
The kits provided by Adidas. Subtle FA logotype the size of the chest. Love the 90’s design. Honestly.

Cameroon Italia90
Untameable Lions


Roger Milla

#Milla #Lions #underdogs #Cameroon #design #kits


I will not play an expert here. They were strong. Popescu, Lupescu, Hagi, Lacatus. Wake me up in the middle of the night and I will always name those Italia’90 Romanian players.
I was 10 and they did not appeal to me by any means. No appealing superstar (OK, Hagi aka ‘The Maradona of the Carpathians’ ) a 10 year old boy might have followed. Kits (Adidas) represented Romania national colours but to me…did not catch my eye.

OK. Honestly, I did not follow and support any of the hardcore communistic countries. Being born and raised in a communistic block, this tournament was a clash of ideology. Wanted all western countries to show their superiority over their eastern counterparts.
The only exception was when Romania played The USSR.

Romania Italia90.1
#Popescu #Romania #Lupescu #Hagi #Carpathians #Lacatus


To me, still the root of all evil. Even now, cannot find any sympathy with this team.

Footballwise, 2 great players and stars: great goalie Rinat Dassaev (Dasayev) and a prolific striker Oleh Protassov.
Other players are still no name to me. Including Alexander Zavarov (Juventus at that time).

But what the kit they had (Adidas). Classy. If I were a hypocrite, I would have worn it.

USSR Italia90.2
#USSR #SovietUnion #Dassaev #Dasayev #Protassov #Zavarov #Juventus #Striker


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