Hello Everybody.
My name is Vi and I am currently studying Business and Management (in football) with Open University (UK). This is 4th of my 12 terms. My studies should take 6 long years and I hope not to procrastinate it any day longer.
My idea for the blog is to write down all the interesting concepts coming from the course and to share some view on them. The view that may be right or wrong. The history will jugde me.
(What is more, this blog should help me revise any material before exams:))

Hopefully, Working Class Hero will discuss abstract concepts of marketing and branding in football environment.
Why is it so important to me? Because I love football, because I believe football is more than just pure business and I believe that barnding and marketing in football can serve the local communities. For me football has a major cultural and sociological aspect.
For some it is just “football industry”. To me, it is a beautiful game that can make us dream big.

I hope we all enjoy it.


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