Wenger’s pragmatism or the passion from the stands: my story @Arsenal Monopoly

This is the story about why we should all follow Wenger's pragmatism... It has been a good day. How about you people? Good? That's awesome. Bad day? Shit happens all the time. Anyway, let me give you a story how football teaches business and life. When browsing charity shops, I came across Arsenal Monopoly Game... Continue Reading →


Is it really a good initiative? / Czy na pewno dobra inicjatywa?

  Polish / English (for English version, please scroll down) LFC potwierdził informację o przebudowie stadionu, w celu zwiększenia ilości dostępnych miejsc dla osób niepełnosprawnych. Liczba takich miejsc wzrośnie do 400 (wzrost z 195 do 250 miejsc – osoby poruszające się na wózkach, oraz wzrost tzw. ‘amenity seats’/siedzenia dla osób potrzebujących opieki lekarskiej -  o... Continue Reading →

German surrounding in Liverpool

http://www.thisisanfield.com/2015/11/dortmund-coach-david-wagner-leaves-club-expected-to-join-liverpool/ Liverpool are getting more and more coaching staff from Dortmund. Is it good or maybe we Liverpool fans should start getting more anxious? The first impression was great. Klopp is surrounding himself wih people he appreciates, who follow his ideas, passions and vision. But then I thought about his possible departure and the consequences... Continue Reading →


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