German surrounding in Liverpool

Liverpool are getting more and more coaching staff from Dortmund. Is it good or maybe we Liverpool fans should start getting more anxious?

The first impression was great. Klopp is surrounding himself wih people he appreciates, who follow his ideas, passions and vision. But then I thought about his possible departure and the consequences to the club.

As much as I truly love Liverpool,  I must be the first person to mention possible drawbacks.
Firstly, let me say that I want to see Liverpool great again. I believe this is the time…this starts to be the Liverpool’s era.
The article says: “Whether Wagner takes up a role with the first-team squad or is involved at the academy will be interesting to see.”
And now my question is…what happens when Klopp leaves? I guess most (if not all) of the staff newcomers will leave with him.
What position will it leave Liverpool in terms of managing? Staff is as important as players. We all know that. Putting those puzzles back together after Klopp’s departure will be extremely difficult.

Imagine next season first 11 without Mignolet, Skrtel, Coutinho, Milner, Lalana, Can. Do you remember how difficult was it when Suarez left? And it was just 1 player. Important player but 1 player. The same story applies to team behind the team.
I am a big fan of continuity not a revolution.

My point of view has started a heated debate on ‘This is Anfield‘ facebook forum. People went bananas about me firing German manager already. Klopp has been in Liverpool for 3 weeks and I make arrangements for him to leave. That was insane they said… Let me say, I would like Klopp to stay long, on condition he is successful.
What is success to him and us? That is a different story based on different circumstances I guess.

I understand that every manager wants to build successfully working environment around himself and he does it with people he trusts and believes in.
Yet, a manager is a person to find innovative solutions and to leave his mark (positive) on the institution he works for.
Some may say revolution is the key and that Anfield needs revolution. But revolution stands for changing everything the club has been based on, which clearly shows the club does not do any good. I do not agree with that.

We all know Klopp will leave, it is just a matter of time and results. It could be 3, 5, 15 or 30 years. And Liverpool have bought this time to become better in terms of the game and organisation. (That would be foolish to think that Klopp has not make any regulations in his contract on him being involved in the club structure and development – the question is only how much involvement is needed)

Now a story from everyday life: Let’s say you are pathetically mentally weak, and you meet a partner who helps you run your life successfully.
What do you do:
a) you let your partner run every aspect of your life, you are told what to do, and your life becomes better because someone controls it. When your partner dies / leaves you, you have not acquired information how to lead successful life (as your partner was responsible for all) and you start leading miserable life again…
b) your partner helps you by showing, by exposing you to new factors and helps you become a better person with you consciously being aware of what is happening. So when your partner leaves / dies you know how to hold the reality and you do not fall back into the darkness…

Let me leave the decision to you.

P.S. David Wagner has been appointed Huddersfield’s new head coach.


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